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Matrix 4 Theory Explains the Age Jump For Neo, Niobe, and Trinty

In Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith will be seen returning to their roles as employers, Trinity and Neeb. But it does not seem an eagle-eyed superfan to see that all the actors are older than the time we saw them in the Matrix.

Since The Matrix Revolution Front came to theaters, Moss, Reeves, Smith, and the rest of the cast are all 17 years old (although Reeves cannot see it and is immortal). Also, Trinity and the employer (dead) have minor problems at the end of the revolutions.

The original repeats some of the ground rules established in the triad.

Rule One: The Chosen One is an unavoidable presence in the matrix because it is like humanity to ultimately want to stage a revolution, and also because machines know to rally without a revolution or against anything. , The human brain will reject the matrix and be the system. Mathematics has chosen essential.

The first theory states that the Matrix is not generating new people every time (as mankind has always done, except for the odd pod-based IVF), but rather they have a bank of DNA from which they make the man. And just because one is phonetically similar does not mean that they look identical.

At each iteration of the matrix the system creates new ones (will allow Matrix 4 to move into their seventh machine-utopia), a new selection is made.

They could look like Keanu Reeves When each new simulation enters, it can feel any amount of time for the chosen time that they are in a computer-based reality and achieve their fate.

So there is always a chance that Matrix 4 employers realize the 55 years (Reeves’ current age) that they have chosen.

A second option to explain the age jump is that Matrix 4 people exist before machine acquisition. If Trinity, Neeb, and the employers are all the original human revivals of their DNA ecology, fighting against the reign of machines, that means they lose the film and become slaves, their DNA being repeatedly cut Often used.

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