Matrix 4: Keanu isn’t playing the character of Neo


Earlier, this month the fourth film of the Matrix franchise began its shooting but so far the plot has not been leaked yet. Fans would be eager to know about the character of Keanu and Carrie who had died in The Matrix Revolution, are back in action once again.

One of the options is to retcon, to retroactively establish a community with a plot device that establishes that Neo and Trinity did not die, countering the clear implication of the last film. If that sounds like a cheap storyline manipulation, that’s because it often is. But it is also not the only option, and Reddit user has not one but two theories that would allow Keanu and Carrie to return without undercutting the previous films.

Both of the theories were founded in The Matrix Reloaded that the character of Neo is the sixth chosen one, that the last versions have all chosen to destroy Zion and pick 23 people to rebuild it-ensuring another repeat of the Machine War- instead of crashing the Matrix and also killing everyone in it, potentially exterminating mankind but also giving it a chance to break free of the cycle of wars.

But what if instead of entirely new people every time the Matrix is rebooted and the humans are recreated in the same way the timeline, in which there is a Chosen One presented with the same choice Neo was. It will follow that Keanu and Carrie are not playing Neo and Trinity in the new upcoming movie, at least not the same Neo and Trinity.

It is also possible that Keanu and Moss are playing the original Neo and Trinity, the real humans who were duplicated and then integrated into the Matrix later on, in the timeline of the existing films. This means that the new upcoming movie would open up a lot about storytelling opportunities for a prequel about how the world of the first three movies came to be.


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