Marvel’s Release Date Delays Show How The MCU Needs Spider-Man


Sony shifts the release dates for Venom 2 and Spider-Man 3, which in turn means changes in the MCU, showing the importance of Spider-Man. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many studios keep rescheduling their upcoming films. And Marvel Studios is no exception.

The MCU has already gone through a schedule update but Sony delays Venom 2 and Spider-Man 3. After living under Sony’s roof for years and going through two different versions – Sam Raimi’s trilogy and Marc Webb’s films. Spider-Man is finally about to join the MCU after Sony and Marvel makes a deal in 2015.


Spider-Man made his MCU debut in 2016 in Captain America: Civil War. It got his first solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, with Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker in 2017. Spider-Man appears in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame before his second solo adventure, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The young hero is set to return for a third solo film. It is unknown if he will show up in others as he did in the Civil War and the final Avengers films.

How Marvel Delays in Releasing Date Show Spider-Man’s Great Importance?


The MCU’s version of Spider-Man becomes an instant fan favourite as well as Iron Man’s apprentice. It might take the lead in this new wave of films now that Tony Stark is dead. Fans are eagerly waiting for Spider-Man’s next adventure on-screen.

They didn’t react favourably to him leaving the MCU when the deal broke. Marvel is aware of how important Spider-Man is for now. So, it has to find a way to at least give it closure on its side of the superhero universe. Spider-Man 3’s release date isn’t changed when the rest of the MCU’s Phase 4 schedule is. But ultimately, Sony is holding power over Spider-Man’s future.

The upcoming films in Sony’s Marvel Universe are Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. These films have to be delay and will now release on March 19, 2021, and June 25, 2021.

Spider-Man 3 is originally scheduled for July 2021 release. However, changing Morbius and Venom 2’s release dates means changing Spider-Man’s as well and will now arrive in November 2021. Because everything connects in the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder get new release dates to accommodate Spider-Man’s return. And it’s worth noting that he is originally going to return between Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4.