Marvel’s big step towards the LGBTQ


The LGBTQ community has always been a controversial topic in the movie industry. Apart from other issues revolving around Hollywood, this is a rising controversy because many feel that it is bold to include the LGBTQ character in their scripts. Now the times are changing many issues in Hollywood are resolving with diverse thinking.

Marvel, like every other movie franchise, took time to start thinking differently. With the release of Black Panther, Marvel showed its progress as a franchise and broke the Taboo around the casting of the main lead who is not Caucasian and with Captain Marvel casting a female lead. Since then, one can observe that it is picking up on different turbos and breaking them and trying to make an effort into changing the viewpoint of the industry.

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Marvel is to include an LGBTQ wedding in its upcoming project Thor: love and Thunder. The current cost of MCA female characters in the eternal is going to make history as it will start and LGBTQ hero going to be a Valkyrie. With noticing the case of runways, some occasions highlight queerness. The intimacy between Karolina and Nico; the expansion of their Sexuality just gives the characters more depth and is genuine and respectful.

Thor: love and Thunder.

Marvel tries to promote Gay marriage in any circumstances. In runway 3 it gives an insight to the different turn in Nico and Karolina’s relationship with the hint that they will tie the knot. For the members of the community, it is a matter of utter respect and precious that a big franchise like the MCU promotes gay marriage and is making its audience aware that it is okay. Marvel is taking a huge step as nobody with a big platform like theirs, have ever done something of this sort. This show airs on Hulu on the 13th of December.

One could only hope that this step is well-received and does not fire back and anger the community. Breaking a taboo takes a substantial amount of time and guts and the will to take a risk, and Marvel has it. It will be interesting to see the turn of events and the reaction to this step, but one could only hope for the best.