Marvel Phase 5: All the Movies, their Release Dates and other details

Marvel Phase 5 every movies

Marvel Phase 5 Updates: The first phase pf MCU started 12 years ago with Iron Man in 2008. In 12 years we saw 20 mind-blowing movies divided into 4 phases. All the movies till now performed as a blockbuster in the Cinemas. The Phase-4 of MCU was completed with the last movie Avengers: Endgame. In that movie we saw most of our favourite characters maybe for the last time.

Upcoming Movies in Marvel Phase 5 and their Release Dates:


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Marvel has confirmed several Movies and their release dates too. The Confirmed Movies we will get to see in Phase five are Black Widow (Delayed due to Covid-19), The Eternals (12 February 2021), Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings (7 May 2021), Untitled: Sequel of Spider-Man Far from home(5 November 2021), Thor: Love and Thunder(18 February 2022), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (25 March 2022), Black Panther 2 (6 May 2022) and Captain Marvel 2 (8 July 2022). Let’s hope that Covid-19 Pandemic doesn’t affect the release date of these movies.

Do we get see Avengers 5?

In Endgame, we lost major superheroes like Iron Man and Black Widow and Captain America. Iron Man died in the end while performing a snap with gauntlet carrying the five infinity stones to save the planet. Black Widow gave up her life for the Soul Stone and We saw Captain America giving up his shield to Falcon.

We saw Spiderman preparing to become the Next Tony Stark in Spiderman Far from Home. Hawkeye wants to be with his family and to train his daughter. It’s obvious that Avengers 5 will release somewhere in the Phase-5. By watching these events we will see new superheroes with new superpowers who will join forces with the old ones for the fifth part of Avengers.