Marvel Cinematic Universe: Black Widow Unveils Phase IV Roster Announced


Seeing the power of women everywhere, rain! Women are taking education from politics to sports. They are shining and living their dreams. let’s get into our superheroine Black Widow. there is some info we need to know.

Black Widow

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This Women’s Day we are celebrating the different choices they have, their views are different, they are different ethnic and they dream differently. I mean this is a typical day to honor the achievement of women.

But today we take this opportunity to support and celebrate women’s empowerment through the window of films. And to represent this special income we have “Black Widow” starring Scarlett Johansson and directed by another female powerhouse Kate Shortland.

MCU has recently announced a date for the stage four roster following the success of the fantastic Avengers Saga. Phase four’s Indian release date has now been kicked-out by another female director with “Black Widow” and “The Eternals”.

Black widow conspiracy

Starring Scarlett Johansson as the lead role, the film takes us back in time (I’m not talking 100 years or so), this is 15 years after the fall of the USSR. So do the math, it’s 2006. After some exciting family reunions where he meets his sister and her parents when he becomes a world-class killer after years of being admitted to the KGB.

Her first film in Iron Man 2 in 2010, she has been a huge hit with the Avengers without any superpower. Therefore, he deserves a solo film. The film takes place immediately after Captain America: Civil War, so the events are wet. He is a Russian operative in a sense, and so he has some history with himself, ”said David Harbor. “But there is a dynamic that develops where it moves in terms of joining the Avengers and their reactions to that.

The Budapest plotline also works, which can be traced back to the first Avengers film and has since been used as a reference.

When will be the Black widow Release 

The film is all set to hit the streets on 24 April 2020. However, it is also exciting to have a first glimpse of the first phase of the MCU with the opening of Black Widow.


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