Marvel called out for a subtle but not really joke.


Marvel gave it’s audience a huge surprise with Thor’s transformation in Endgame. This instigated many questions in the minds of the audience about a god having Depression or have weight issues. The MCU added few fat punchlines in the film until the climax when he grabs Storm breaker and regains his power by thunder running in his veins. One could say he gets his confidence back with his powers. With the release of the trailer for Black Widow, the enthusiastic fans catch a glimpse of David Harbour as The Red Guardian for the first time.


The question of Marvel fat-shaming its superheroes could land them in hot water. With the change in their thinking, it would not be advisable and wise of MCU to say yes to the slightly controversial question, given the recent trend of stopping body ideals and expectations which further lead to eating disorders.

The instance where the Red Guardian jiggles his arms or is being told by Melina played by Rachel Weiss that has is too fat to fit into his suit; Marvel might hint that a superhero should have a certain type of body which again promotes body ideals and is fat shaming.

According to sources, it seems that this will be a continuous joke for the rest of the movie or at least some scenes to diffuse the intense atmosphere. Some think that Marvel is using the ‘fat superhero’ narrative a little too much and is fat-shaming Alexei. Some express their opinion on Twitter. According to these tweets, Marvel is questioned as ‘ being obsessed with fat shaming those who gained weight’. Some also say that MCU sees no worth in fat men besides something to be laughed at and is tired of it. Some say that this move of Marvel does not excite them for the highly anticipated movie as it continues to fat shame it’s characters.

This could be a bad move to Marvel as it is doing something good at the same time (LGBTQ addition). This move could also result in Marvel being a subject to the “Cancelling” trend. One can only hope that Marvel gets their act together as a big platform like theirs should be aware of their audience’s demographics and what they promote or support.