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Married at First Sight Season 5: Where Are the Couples Now?

Calling out all fans of Married At First Sight Season 5 (everyone). So far, we’ve hosted seven seasons of the dating show where science-based experts bring couples together. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, true love is often hard to come by. because when you first meet your partner at your wedding. But every now and then the experts manage to make it and the perfect couples come together. Although (spoilers!) This isn’t exactly the case when it comes to reaching Married At First Sight Season 5. Here are all the couples from this season, if they’re still together today:

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Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek

The 30-year-old dietitian, Danielle, and the 26-year-old coach and gym center owner, Cody, appeared as though a match made in paradise when they initially got together. Not exclusively did the two of them have comparable interests. Yet their characters caused it to seem like they would be a couple who might cooperate to overcome any difficulty that comes to their direction and go far.

During their experience on the show, it was uncovered that the couple hadn’t finished their marriage even following a month of being together. This made a ton of pressure on them and led to the vulnerability of their future together. Luckily, when Decision Day of Married at First Sight Season 5 showed up, both Danielle and Cody concluded that they needed to transform their fellowship into something else and check their marriage out away from the cameras.

A year later the two got hooked. However, they chose to punch out and end their marriage. In an intense declaration that Danielle delivered on her Instagram reporting the split.

Although the couple chose to terminate their marriage, it doesn’t look like there is any ill will between the two. As per Danielle’s Instagram, she is as yet functioning as a dietitian and fitness mentor and is occupied with investing energy with her loved ones while trying to the far corners of the planet. Cody, then again, isn’t active on his online media. In any case, it would appear that he is concentrating on his profession also and is attempting to appreciate life as it comes. The two of them appear to be single at present.

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon

Marriage At First Sight Season 5 likewise gave us the rough connection between Sheila and Nate. All through their experience on the show, the two experienced some great times. However, it was overshadowed by the entirety of their contentions.

Rather than saying how they felt, the pair were consistently on edge about their relationship. In addition to the fact that they fought, their remarks towards each other were regularly low ranges. Eventually, however, they thought about the cheerful minutes which came about in both Sheila and Nate consenting to remain together.


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Shockingly, in November of 2017, over a year after they got hitched in Married at First Sight Season 5, Sheila uncovered that Nate cheated on her and that they were finished. Fourteen days from that point onward, even Nate took to Twitter to deliver a declaration in which he said that he petitioned for legal divorce. However, denied dishonesty being the explanation. In December of that very year, their separation was settled, and their marriage was finished.

Presently, Sheila has no media presence that would demonstrate her relationship status or what she is doing. We had the option to discover her Twitter account, yet even that is set on private. Nate, then again, is extremely influential on his web-based media, and from its vibes is appreciating life without limit. He is the CEO of a mixed drink organization called Duey Juice and is by all accounts happy with where he is at the present time.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico

Ashley and Anthony are quite possibly the most cherished couples in Married at First Sight Season 5. Sure they experienced their difficulties and contentions like any other individual would when they’ve hitched a total outsider, Yet the manner in which they dealt with circumstances and their chemistry is the thing that made fans pull for them. The significant concerns when it went to the couple’s future together were their absence of successful correspondence and Anthony’s responsibility level.


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Luckily, by socializing, they recognized that their characters and thoughts would conflict once in a while. Yet that doesn’t imply that they need to abandon something to be thankful for. Consequently, on Decision Day of Married at First Sight Season 5, The two of them said yes to remaining together, and Anthony even said, “I love you” to her before everybody.


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Since over three years have passed by, the couple is still attached and seems, by all accounts, to be more grounded than any time in recent memory. On January 12, 2019, they even turned out to be the first-time parents after Ashley delivered birth their delightful girl, Mila Rose.

Jo McPharlin and Sean Donnelly

Jo and Sean truly couldn’t have been any more extraordinary, and they split right off the bat in the Married at First Sight Season 5. Jo was so disturbed about the pairing, she told the specialists: “For what reason did you set us up? Evidently, my directions were solid. We had a major talk, you know, about what I needed and afterward… this is the thing that I got conveyed.” After the show completed, Sean was connected to individual season five contender Gabrielle Bartlett. However, he steadily denied they were anything over friends.

Melissa Walsh and John Robertson

Melissa and John were one of only a handful few pairs that remained together at the finale and truly seemed as though they could take care of business. In any case, while Melissa conceded they “felt a quick connection” and yielded they lived commonly. They separated not long after the Married at First Sight Season 5 wrapped up.


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In March 2018, Melissa affirmed they had parted by means of a statement shared on Instagram. “We have talked for a long time about how to make it function and have been investing energy with one another to allow our relationship to unfurl however both approve it doesn’t feel like it’s going anyplace,” she revealed to her fans while adding they stay old buddies. That is something at any rate.

Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel

Dean and Tracey appeared to be a very decent match with their wedding special raised fun and chemistry. However, when it reached the finish of the trial. Tracey chose to cancel things subsequent to finding Dean had kissed MAFSA co-star Davina Rankin. Despite the fact that Dean later called the issue “false”.


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Adding to “I wasn’t really approached to do those things, however, you’re locked in a room with makers and camera teams, and they fundamentally don’t let you be until you fulfill something delightful.” Meanwhile, Tracey cut off up uncovering her friendship with Sean Thomsen toward the finish of the Married at First Sight Season 5, yet they likewise turned into separation.


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