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All Controversies Regarding Married At First Sight Australia

Reality shows are always a great mode of entertainment but it also brings a long controversy. Married at First Sight Australia is one of the shows which have been in the limelight for backlash right after the show has been released. Married at First Sight Australia was originally released on 18 May 2015 by Nine Network and is still running on television. Recently, the show has released its eighth season in 2021 which was received well by the audience. 

The show is filled with a lot of controversies because of its provoking nature. In this article, we will be looking at every controversy that this show has faced so far. Interested to know? Read this article. 

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A petition signed by 15k People

married at first sight

When the show was announced to be premiered, the people of Australia released an online petition to stop or at least change the theme of this show. The show revolves around several contestants who met each other at the wedding and tie the knot together. After the wedding, there is a honeymoon and the couple spends more time together to see if they really want to continue the experiment or not. 

Moreover, the show is based on a Danish TV series and the culture of that area is completely different from Australia. The county has some very serious rules for marriage that need to be followed. Under Australian Law, marriage according to these experiments is not legal. 

That’s the reason over 15 thousand people have signed the online petition to stop the show. 

The show developers came out against this backlash and said that the people inside this show are not really married. It is more like an act or experiment than an actual marriage.

According to the Australian Marriage Act (1961), any marriage was done by a citizen of Australia requires One month and One-day notification prior to the act of marriage. If this hasn’t performed, the marriage is not termed as an actual marriage. The show rums under the experiment and the contestant requires to fill the form that he/she will give 100% under this marriage.

Their intentions regarding this marriage are pure and they should fully support the individual next to them. They should also end the wedding if they are not comfortable with it and they have full power to go to their private life again. 

Broking this marriage wouldn’t require any legal action against the male/female. Anyone can intend to leave the marriage in the show, whenever they want.

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson take legal action against the show

Bryce and Melissa

The latest controversy began with the couple Bryce and Melissa who are taking legal action against Married at first sightAustralia. The couple has filed the file against the producer and editor of the reality show for portraying their wrong image of their in the show. 

After watching the Tv show, they both realize that their image was rather portrayed too cruelly for the audience. They said that they are not how the show portrays and they have also cut so many scenes and instead focus on completely opposite scenes which are only worse for their image. 

I’ve had several lawyers approach me to take them on. I  feel enticed when lawyers are making contact – the show ruined my life, my mental health. There’s never been a couple like us who look so putrid to Australians.

Things go wrong when the people talk that there has been increasing domestic and verbal violence after their partner watches these two in the show. The couple was left heartbroken and they have said in a statement that,

People are claiming our relationship has triggered victims of domestic violence, but then Channel Nine says they’ve done their due diligence by us, but viewers are still interpreting it like such. Something has clearly gone wrong”.

With this controversy, the publication team came out and said that, “We sincerely apologize for any concern or distress which may have been raised by your viewing of the program.”

It is still to announce if there is something legally going on with these two parties. But for now, the issue is quite hot to comment on. 

What do you think about this controversy? Is there anything you want to say with this one?

Complain by Simone

Simone Lee Brennan

The second season contestant, Simone Lee Brennan has come out that the show has not shown their true intention regarding the contestants. She complained that her partner, Xavier Forsberg, was actually recruited by the producers who are sportsmen in the show. Rather than acting like a couple, he always shows his sportsman personality on the camera. She complained that the show shouldn’t focus on this individual behavior and rather work on the relationship of the contestant because this is what the show was made for. 

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The Not-so Acceptable Theme 

So far now, you are totally aware that Married at first sight Australia is based on Marrying the other person at the first sight. Because this is what the show name for, Marriage at First Sight. The watchers of the show criticized the theme of the wedding. Not only the audience but the contestant of this show also complained about the show for being too old-fashioned. 

In the Commitment ceremony that happens after the few more episodes of Honeymoon. The couple is asked whether they want to carry on the experiment or leave it within the show. All the contestants have to write this in a paper with “STAY” or “LEAVE”.

If both the contestant decides to stay then their experiment continues and if both leaves then they are out with the experiment. Till this, everything is okay. 

But when one of the contestants decides to stay and their partner decides to leave then the couple has to stay for the experiment. The contestant said that this is something that needs to change. 

Furthermore, it will give wrong intentions to the people and make them suffer in their toxic relationship. Because the show will make them realize that they can’t get out of their toxic relationship just like the show’s couple.

Rebecca Zemek cheating scandal 

rebecca Zemek image

The reality TV star Rebecca Zemek has come to the light when her viral video was out on the internet. The video went online and flooded the internet with many people reacting and commenting on it. Rebecca was seen kissing another man who was later confronted as his EX while still marrying his experimental husband Jake Edward. 

After the news outbreak, she has cut all her resources and social media and was also not picking up the calls. Later this week, the reality TV show star decided to come in front of people regarding this hot controversy. 

‘Looking back at it I can see how one hundred percent it was a betrayal of trust,’ she said Obviously, emotions were high, I haven’t been home in months. We shared kind of like an exciting kiss when we initially saw each other and that was it.’

‘It was literally, “Thanks you’re here. Amazing. Let’s do this. Let’s help out” and that was that.

She was firstly saying that she was not in an emotional state because her Dog Oscar was ill and she went there to take care of him. It was a rather Hy, how are you doing Kiss then actual kiss, she said. 

She also added that her intentions were never like she was cheating on Jake and all but looking back at it, it was 1001% cheating. 

Rebecca also said that she was very ashamed of her behavior and whatever she did while being in the show and marrying a person. 

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Final words

As the show Married at first sight Australia has just ended the airing, people are hoping if they will see another season in the future or not. Married at first sight has aired eight seasons so far and the ninth season will be upcoming in the list. As far now, the Nine production team has not said anything regarding the comeback. 

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