Mark Consuelos is just like all those other parents out there getting a little too much involved in their kids’ sporting events because the father caused a scene at his son’s wrestling match. There is a video of his dad creating a scene in his own sons’ wrestling match. The video of the ‘Riverdale’ star getting heated at a wrestling tournament on Long Island we can see that Mark is coming out from the crowd and he is walking onto the mat, seemingly incensed with his son’s opponent.



The father makes his move after his sixteen-year-old son, Joaquin, he gets his headgear ripped off by his foe. We can hear that other concerned parents yelling for the father of Joaquin to get off the mat that he was on, and there was another adult who pushed him back towards the stands.

The people who were there watching the match tells us that Marks’s wife Kelly Ripa was also there she was also present and she kept her cool while her husband rushed to their son’s defense. We are told by some source that their son’s opponent won the match and his father was vocally and visibly very much upset, he left the gym for few hours to cool off his mind before eventually returning to the all-day tournament.

Then there was the media where this incident came to know by many people. It is very much obvious that one parent will feel scared about these kinds of sports they will defense if something happens to their son.

Mark was so much in anger that when some of the media reached out to him asking about the matter what why and how did he do this and all sorts of questions, he was quiet he did not answer anything.