Monday, June 21, 2021


Marie Fredriksson she was the lead singer for the pop-rock duo, Roxette has died after a seventeen-year battle with cancer a source tells. According to her management group or people, the Swedish musician passed away this Monday. After she being diagnosed with a brain tumour in the year 2002, Marie received aggressive treatment that was ultimately successful, allowing the Swedish singer to return after a long hiatus and release her new music.
However, Marie was advised by her doctors to stop touring and focus on her health in the year. But we don’t think that she listened to her doctor’s advice.

Marie Fredriksson

Roxette formed in the year 1986, and she became an international sensation with their breakout number one hit in 1989 “The Look”. The duo’s success continued the following year with the single ‘It must have been love’, which was featured on the soundtrack the iconic Julia Roberts, Richard Gere rom-com.

There are many other hits that the group have given to the whole world; some of them are “Listen To Your Heart” and “Joyride”. Marie’s management says that she has left a grand musical legacy which the world will never forget. It says that her amazing voice both strong and positive and also sensitive and her magical live performance will always be remembered by all of us who all were lucky enough to witness them live.

The singer’s former bandmate, guitarist and singer Per Gessle, says her A Thank You she says that thanks for everything that she had done to her when she was alive. She was an outstanding musician, a master of the voice and an amazing performer. She was the most wonderful friend of the guitarist for over forty years.
She has a husband, and they have two children. She was sixty-one years old when she took her last breath. Rest In Peace, Marie.



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