Marc Anthony’s recently luxury yacht caught fire in Miami, sending many fire crews scrambling to battle the blaze and save other boats from the massive flames that took place there. Anthony’s one hundred and twenty-foot yacht became engulfed Wednesday night and it was a total loss. The boat began to capsize as crews fought to save the vessels, but very much luck, it does not appear any other vessels were caught in the flames.

It is now unclear what actually caused the massive fire to break out, but very lucky no one was there on the board at the time of the incident when it took place. The fire department there was immediately called to the scene just before nine and tons of firefighters battled the fired blaze before getting it under control.


Marc Anthony

As for the boat it was valued under seven million dollars. The boat featured five cabins and twelve people sleep with amenities that include BBQ, satellite TV, there was WiFi too, a Jacuzzi and docking stations for multiple jet skis. Not to be mentioned, it served as a very good party place for Marc and tons of his A-list celebrities pals or friends over the years.

The boat was then reportedly for sale earlier this year, but it appears that Marc is still the owner of the massive yacht. Marc did not want to sell it maybe but some news has come to us that at the beginning of the year he did not want this boat so we guess that no one would purchase that boat that’s why Marc kept it.

Marc had to face so much of loss but it is very good that no one had to get hurt and no one was present at that time when the boat exploded. We will surely come to know how did the boat got busted, the cops are still confirming it.