Maliwan Takedown Reinforces ‘Borderlands 3’ Is Not Designed For Forced 4 Man Play most pupolar game


I want to enjoy farming Borderlands 3’s modern Maliwan Takedown.

Still, the game appears to be doing everything feasible to throw up hurdles to that, and the extra I play, the extra I realize that Borderlands is just not designed for “tuned for four players” co-op play in works like this.


At least not the type co-op works presently in the game.

If you flock in a group with three of your dearest friends, then definitely, you will likely have a better moment with something like Maliwan Takedown than a lot.

Still, even with that, and undoubtedly outside of it, I believe there are several problems that Borderlands 3 has to overcome to form something like this work.

1. Matchmaking does not operate like it is supposed to.

I denied to rely on that there is just not complete interest in Maliwan Takedown or Borderlands 3 at present where the game acquires ages to matchmake for a perfect match, and straight-up provides up most of the time, placing players in two or three-man matches for an activity they specifically say should be run by 4 people.

Matchmaking is by far the hugest barrier to enjoyable runs in probably like Maliwan directly as it does not work as it intends to.

But nor is there an application that permits for easy group-finding either as some other games have as an option.

2. Gearbox requires to rethink the response system in Maliwan Takedown.

Abandoning players dead the initial time they die from Fight For Your Life is a not so good call that comes out in players being forced to see for 10-20 minutes at least before they can respawn, or more often than not if someone fails they abandon.

Waiting for a “wipe” implies everyone probably gives up.