Mainstream – An Underrated Movie You Should Definitely Check


Gia Coppola is back with its comedy-drama movie casting Andrew Garfield in a perfect movie. Mainstream is a 2020 American movie that was released on September 5, 2020, at Venice Film Festival for the people. The movie is great for someone who loves to watch comedy-drama movies. 

Coming to the show again, the movie is doing amazing but is it really worth watching? In this article, we will be looking at this movie in detail. Not only this but I will also give an honest review of this movie, stay tuned.

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Mainstream – A Comedy-drama Movie!


The mainstream story revolves around Frankie and Link. These two are the main protagonists of the show. As a comedy-drama, you can expect the movie to have a lot of entertainment in it. Mainstreams successfully make the viewers fall for the comedy and entertain them through the end of the show. 

Mainstream was first released at the Venice Film festival then the movie was released again on May 7, 2021, by IFC Films. The production of this movie was started in 2019 and to my surprise, it was produced for only under $5 Million Dollars. In return, the movie has earned $30 Million dollars. This is a huge profit as compared to what the producers have invested in but is $30 Million dollars is enough to decide a movie is great? Well seeing the Box office hit as compared to other movies, the movie has made relatively very low money.

After the movie ends, is there a chance for the second part of it? Well, this is quite a risk for the movie to release a second part as it doesn’t go as per the expectations of the people much but the movie is great indeed.

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Mainstream – What is it about?

mainstream movie review

You can think of this story as real because there are chances that it would or can surely happen to anyone. The movie starts with the introduction of Frankie (Maya Hawke) who is a young woman but doesn’t have any goal in life. She has already dropped out of her school and decided to pursue her dream, but what is her dream? Is she really following it? we’ll NO!

The world is not as easy as it seems to us and achieving and fulfilling our dreams requires a lot of hard work. But she understood this thing very late. Now, she is working with one of her friends named Jake in the bar. 

She has also opened her Youtube channel and posts about random stuff whenever she gets time. Her Youtube channel was also not that popular and she was struggling to get more subscribers and views on her channel. 

One day, she went out to the city and vlogs the surroundings. While enjoying the view and vlogging she found Link. her camera records Link and the Monologue next to him. Surprisingly, the video which has Link got many views and became the popular video of her channel. 

After some time, she again meets with Link and they both become friends.

Together they both started their own team for their youtube channel titled “No one together”. They both started to make the q quality of content and the views and subscribers started to grow significantly. But fame doesn’t come like this. Their video of being together instantly hot millions and now it becomes like a talk show where the people come and play games. 

Frankie, Link, and Jake are doing amazing in the show and their videos are getting popular. Frankie and Link are also started dating and their trio was all good but as the show started to make more progress the bond started to get weaker and breakable.

Now everything started to mess up and there were situations when as a viewer I wanted to throw myself away, but the movie was still amazing from my point of view. You will see the actual representations of how a person can make things go upside down just by his attitude and behavior and it is so heartbreaking. If you are someone who always wants to try something different with the movies then you should definitely check this one. 

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Mainstream – What is the cast of this movie?


The movie revolves around Link and Frankie who are the male and female lead of the show. The character of Link is played by Andrew Garfield and Frankie is by Maya Hawke. These two are friends and later become a romantic couple. The story majorly revolves around these two characters and their relationship and ups and downs while making good Youtube content. 

Other than that, there are several other characters in the story who play significant roles in the outstanding performance of the show. I’ll be mentioning the cast in the next section. 

  • Maya Hawke will be seen as Frankie
  • Andrew Garfield as Link
  • Nat Wolff cast as Jake
  • Jason Schwartzman as Mark Schwartz
  • Alexa Demie play the character of Isabelle Roberts
  • Johnny Knoxville as Ted Wick
  • Colleen Camp as Judy
  • Jacqui Getty cast as Lisa
  • Nick Darmstaedter as Kyler
  • Marshall Bell as Marty
  • Juanpa Zurita is following the character of Juanpa
  • Adam Barnhart as Officer Adam
  • Trevor White cast as Ben
  • Casey Frey as Martin
  • Charles Melton as himself
  • Jake Paul as himself
  • Patrick Starr as himself

Mainstream – Where is the Official Trailer?

The official trailer of the Mainstream has been already uploaded on YouTube. If you are someone who is still far away from seeing the Official trailer then don’t worry because I’ll be doing that for you. Click the below video and watch the official trailer of the mainstream. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings of Mainstream movies are quite criticized. The critics have rated the show with the worst ratings one can ever think for. Starting with an IMDb rating which is 4.8/10 for this movie. The show has over 32% of rotten tomatoes and Slant Magazine has rated the show with a 1/4 rating.

Now coming to the Audience rating summary of this show. The audience was really happy with the plotline and acting and the show was also well appreciated by the people saying that this movie is quite underrated and the acting of the actors is quite fantastic. 

Not only this but the people also acknowledge this show by saying that the movie is an underrated one and one should give it a try. Coming to the audience rating summary, the show has gained 4.4 ratings in this category. By judging the audience’s behavior, you should definitely check this movie because it is so relatable.

Final words

The movie, Mainstream is already released in 2020 with the storyline being very common yet eye-opening. The story of the movie is quite exciting to watch. There are many people who want the sequel after being inspired by Frankie and Link Story and now there has been a talk about the sequel. But the officials have nothing released and the future of the series is not very bright. The series was made under a low budget and earned quite a good many compared to what they have invested. It would be great to see if the creators are planning anything more. 

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