Madonna Did A Unique Experiment With Her Body To Overcome The Pain; You Can be Surprised To Know


Madonna, who won millions of hearts with her songs, has done a unique experiment with her body. She has undergone autohemotherapy treatment to overcome the mysterious pain of his body while getting this treatment done. Madonna also got her video made. She has shared on her Instagram account. Fans are also giving their feedback on this video of them.

Madonna shared a video of Autohemotherapy treatment on her official Instagram on Thursday. In the video, Madonna’s two twin daughters, Stella and Sister, were seen near her during treatment. It is worth noting that in Autohemotherapy treatment, blood is first taken out of the human body after which it is mixed with gas, and then the blood is re-injected into the veins with the help of drip.


Madonna’s Autohemotherapy

Madonna often talks about the mysterious pain of her body through social media. That’s why Madonna hopes she can get relief soon with Autohemotherapy Treatment. Please tell that Madonna is currently on a musical tour called ‘Madam X Tour’. Madonna has already cancelled three shows in Boston and Massachusetts because of the pain.

Therapy is worth noting that recently Madonna shared a surprising video on her Instagram. On November 18, the famous singer Madonna shared a one-minute 59-second video from her official Instagram account. Shared the video and wrote, ‘ICE TRAY-NEW DRIP-3: am Ice bath. Can we start the Ice Bath Challenge? 41 degrees, the best cure for injury. ‘ Ahmadalik Williams was also seen alongside Madonna in the video.

The biggest thing in this viral video was that Madonna takes off her socks after getting out of the ice bathtub and is then seen drinking a yellow drink in a white cup. After this, Madonna says, “It is really good to drink urine after getting out of icy water”. Significantly, this is not the first time Madonna is in the news for a video. Even before this, many videos of Madonna have gone viral on social media. By the way, tell that Madonna is an American singer, songwriter, and actress and she is 61 years old.