Mad Max Feud: Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy On Their Shooting Wars

Finally, the stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy have broken the ice.

The stars talked about their hostility on the sets of Mad Max: Fury Road.

The 2 stars discussed their struggle in making a 2015 action classic. Their oral history about the film got published in ‘The New York Times’ on Tuesday. Charlize Theron told that she and Hardy were always arguing and being uncompromising due to the challenges in the shooting. They were shooting for George Miller’s masterpiece. They were always butt headed due to the continuous delay in production. The shooting for the film was shut down three times.

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Theron’s point of view!


Theron said while considering the old times that there is one thing that annoys her the most. What actually made Tom Hardy step into the Mil Gibson’s shoes? All this was quite frightening. Actually Mil Gibson was featured as Max in all the three previous instalments of the Miller.

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Theron even told that she was afraid of the production earlier. She suffered all of this due to the continuum of false starts in production and unusual script. Actually Miller directed the movie from the storyboard only and not the actual script.

Theron said that because of her own fear they both were putting up the walls between them. They were not able to accept that it was all scary to both of them. They both were behaving like their characters in the movie, instead of being nice to each other. She added that the most inevitable part about the production was fear. May be, George had the movie in his head that she was trying to decode desperately. This was the hardest thing between Theron and Miller.


Hardy’s point of view!

Hardy also agreed that the actors were under a lot of pressure during the shooting. He said that Theron actually needed a more experienced partner which he was not at that time. Now as he is grown up older, he can meet the bars maybe.

Hardy later said that Charlize’s role as the fierce Furiosa was a commendable job. She depicted one of the finest lead in an action movie. There is no doubt that her work was appreciable in the movie. In fact, George has also done a great job. He knew the phenomenal talent of her from the very starting.

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Hardy also publically apologized to Miller in the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015.

Tom said about George that his imagination is out of our league. We can never understand what he had in his vision. He knew Miller was a brilliant person but didn’t know how brilliant.

Miller met the actress Charlize Theron for a Furiosa spin-off. He aimed to shoot the spin-off in 2021. Miller had told in 2016 that he has 2 new stories to come up with.

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