Luke Treadaway and David Morrissey Star in new ITV drama The Singapore Grip from the makers TV show of Poldark


JG Farrell’s novel from 1978 The Singapore Grip is being adapted into an ITV adaptation. Luke Treadaway and David Morrissey will star in the series.

The Singapore Grip is a story about a British family who is in Singapore during the Second World War. It is set at the time of the Japanese invasion.


The producer of the series is Damien Timmer. He is also responsible for the production of Victoria, Poldark, and Endeavour.

Jane Horrocks, Luke Newberry, Charles Dance, and Colm Meaney will also star in the series. They are hugely known for their work in Little Voice, In the Flesh, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek, respectively.

Treadaway will play the role of an innocent, reluctant hero, Matthew Webb. Morrissey is responsible for the part of a rubber merchant, Walter Blackett. Blackett owns the oldest firm in Singapore. It is a partnership between him and Matthew’s father, who will be played by Charles Dance.

Blackett had to save his firm when senior Webb’s health was in red alert. For the security of his firm, he married off his daughter, Joan, played by Georgia Blizzard, with Matthew Webb.

But Matthew had eyes for another girl who was a Chinese refugee, Vera Chiang, who will be played by Elizabeth Tan. Walter Blackett becomes suspicious about him.

The cast will also include Bart Edward and Christoph Guibert. These personalities are known for the Peep Show.

Christopher Hampton will adapt the novel. He is an Oscar-winning screenwriter. Producer Timmer commented on Hampton’s work. He said that Farrell and Hampton’s work is a piece of art. He is glad that these exceptional writers will write a TV show.

Timmer continued to say that The Singapore Grip is a dream project. He is excited to produce a novel after forty years of its release. Timmer wishes that the audience will enjoy the show.

Shooting began in March this year. Trailer is yet to be released. The air date is still unknown.