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Lucifer: Who originally played Detective Dan Espinoza and why was he replaced?

The season 5 of the series Lucifer is soon to hit the Netflix. There are a lot of fans who are following the series from the very starting. They would easily notice that the character of Detective Dan Espinoza was not played by Kevin Alejandro from the very starting. But who actually was the original actor? Let’s know some more about the insights of the show.

The series Lucifer was originally belonged to FOX. Later, the channel cancelled the series for further seasons. Then the series was adopted by the Netflix. It created and distributed the fourth season of the series. The series has till now portrayed the story with the same cast except one, Detective Dan Espinoza.

Who was the Detective originally?

The actor Kevin Alejandro is playing the character of Detective Dan Espinoza from the episode 2 of Lucifer’s Season 1. The character is the ex husband of Chloe and father to their child Trixie. He is good friend of his ex wife. But earlier the actor Nicholas Gonzalez was set to be featured as the Detective. In fact, he was the Detective Dan Espinoza in the starting when the series aired in 2016.

Well, sadly he left the show and there are no particular reason behind that. Well actors are generally changed for any show after the pilot episodes. There is no wonder about that.  So, may be the showrunners would have thought that Kevin fits better as the Detective Dan Espinoza.

Know more about actor Nicholas Gonzalez


The actor is known for his roles in a lot of creations. He is known for his role as Alex Santiago in Resurrection Blvd. His more prominent roles were D.J. in The OC, Detective Rodriguez in Melrose Place, Dr Arturo Suarez in Mental and Marco Esquivel in Jane the Virgin. He also played the role of Agent Lopez in Narcos of Netflix. Some other notable roles were in The Flash, Sleepy Hollow, Underemployed and Off the Map. The actor also appeared in some movies. The list includes The Purge: Anarchy, Water & Power, Scenes of the Crime and Dirty.

His recent works include Beneath US and currently he is appearing in ABC series The Good Doctor.

Know more about actor Kevin Alejandro

He is an American actor and also a film director from San Antonio, Texas. The actor has appeared in lot of good creations apart from Lucifer. The list includes superhero series Arrow, crime drama Southl and supernatural thriller series True Blood. The actor was also the prominent part of Ugly Betty, Sleeper Cell and CSI: Miami and Charmed.

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