Lucifer What happened To Abel and Cain? Will They Be In Season 5?

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In the scriptural book of Genesis, Abel and Cain are named as the initial two children of Eve and Adam. 

The two of them showed up in Lucifer Morningstar’s universe in the Fox and now Netflix arrangement, Lucifer flipping around his life on earth. 


We have all that you have to think about Cain and Abel and their latent capacity return in season five.


Tom Welling featured as Marcus Pierce, an LAPD Lieutenant and manager of Chloe Decker, Dan Espinoza and Ella Lopez in season three.

In any case, it was later revealed Tom was Cain, the world’s first killer who had the intensity of interminability as a discipline from God. 

For whatever length of time that Cain stayed human on Earth, he was undying yet all he urgently needed to die.

Nearby being Cain, he was likewise the criminal driving force, The Sinnerman, who was liable for the demise of Charlotte Richards.

In the season three finale, Cain baited Lucifer and Chloe into a snare and attempted to execute them both. 

Trusting Cain had murdered Chloe, in an attack of wrath Lucifer executed Cain, cutting him to death with one of Maze’s evil presence sharp edges. 

Cain initially accepted he would be going to paradise, admitting he has no second thoughts. 

Lucifer knew Cain lamented murdering Charlotte and subsequently, he will torment himself with blame in damnation forever, alongside his sibling. 

As Lucifer came back to Hell toward the finish of season four, a Cain and Lucifer get-together could well be on the cards. 

Shockingly, Welling has not affirmed whether he would repeat his job as Cain in season 5.


Abel played by Lauren Lapkus was the smaller sibling of Cain and the world’s first homicide unfortunate casualty. 

The character showed up in season three in an episode titled Infernal Guinea Pig. 

Following quite a while of kin fights, Cain and Abel, in the end, battled to the demise with Cain murdering Abel.

In the book of Genesis, Cain killed Abel and God rebuffed him by sentencing him to immortality