The filming for the series Lucifer season 5 commenced back in September this year and the new season is expected to be released anytime in 2020.

The fans are ardently waiting to know what they can see in the very new season that will be released soon. However, we all have a bad news for the Lucifer lovers.


According to some source, Lucifer season five is going to call an end to their Tom Kapinos developed series. Yes it is very much true, the information for their end call is out via the official site that the new season five will be the final season.

We are very thankful to the Netflix for resurrecting their show last season, and now letting them finish the story of Lucifer on our terms.

Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible support and the passion for the show, but the best is still yet to come. The showrunner Joe Henderson said these things in an interview.

The reaction from the watchers or the fans for the season four had been immense.

It smashed the TV Time’s Binge report rocketing to number one outperforming Game Of Thrones of HBO and then this series broke all their records.

Then some of the fans say that the new season will also make some good records and even break some of them.

But at the end we just only can say that stay tuned and have patience for the new season to be released. But yes when something has started it has to be ended also.