Lucifer Showrunners Announced: Lucifer To Be Extended For A Season 6!

Lucifer Showrunners Announced Lucifer To Be Extended For A Season 6!

Lucifer Season 6: Updates, Lucifer is one of the top-rated shows of Netflix. The series has got four seasons till now. Fans are in the anticipation of the upcoming fifth season. Here is extra good news, Lucifer is renewed for another season after season 5. Yes, you got it right. Lucifer will also have a Season 6 in its basket. Find out the details!

Lucifer Returning For Season 6?

Lucifer Showrunners Announced Lucifer To Be Extended For A Season 6!,


Initially, Lucifer was premiered on Amazon Prime Videos. The first three seasons of the show are still available on Amazon Prime Videos. Lucifer was expected to run only for three seasons in total. Later on, the story was saved by Netflix and was renewed for Season 4. Due to the immense popularity, Lucifer was also renewed for Season 5. Now, exciting news waves in, Lucifer will also be having a Season 6. Season 6 of Lucifer will be the ‘finale’ season.

What The Showrunners Have To Say About Lucifer Season 6?

The showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich reveal that Season 5 was going to be the finale. Season 5 was extended to 16 episodes from the original 10. So, they planned the perfect ending in Season 5. Later, it occurred to them that they have missed a huge part of Lucifer Morningstar’s life.

Immediately, after that, they had a discussion with Netflix about a Season 6. Netflix also agreed to the same, hence, giving a full green signal to Lucifer Season 6.

Surely, the showrunners have something big in their minds for which we have to wait for a while. Till then, binge-watch the first four seasons of Lucifer.

Mark the date August 21, 2020, for Lucifer Season 5 which will be premiered on the streaming platform of Netflix.

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