Lucifer season 6 Why Lesley-Ann Brandt Asking Fans For Support


Could we see a possible Maze Spinoff following Lucifer ‘s sixth season? Here’s all we know :

Lucifer is a popular American web television series that first aired on Fox but after it’s the third season was taken over by Netflix. Needless to say, it has been one of the most-watched and talked about the show on Netflix. 

Henceforth it’s fan’s reaction on hearing about the cancellation of the series was justified! 

However thanks to the efforts of the fans and the social media campaign started by them, Lucifer was renewed for a fifth season.

Realizing and focusing on the growing popularity of the show the creators and producers may be rethinking about extending the season for a sixth one! 

We are still certain about it but season 6 has definitely been the talk of the town. Earlier this week another exciting development took place. 


Lesley Ann Brandt playing the character of our beloved Mazikeen on the show tweeted asking the fans if they would be interested in a Maze Spinoff!

As expected fans were quick to respond. 93% of the fans were more than excited about the idea of the spin-off and only 7% were not sure.

However, the actress later deleted the tweet but already many fan account and TV channels had taken the screenshot of the tweet and it has been surfing the internet. 

This tweet was followed by a series of questions by fans. Some were curious to know whether the Maze Spinoff would take place if Lucifer and other characters in the show would be a part of it.

Most of the fans seemed more curious about that possibility of season 6 and wondered if the Maze Spinoff would be a part of the sixth season!

Even though we still don’t have answers to these questions we are still excited about Season 5 of Lucifer! Yes, it definitely would be icing on the cake to see both the sixth season or the show and a Maze Spinoff!


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