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Lucifer Season 6: Release Date And Other Detail




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Lucifer is one of the biggest shows on Netflix. Whenever the wait for new episodes starts, fans speculate every detail possible, so obviously, we are all interested in Lucifer season 6, the final season.

The pandemic compelled the crew and cast to hit pause on production for the season, but it was declared a few months after. And to avoid more delays, season 5 and season 6 filmed back. This means that both are still wrapped!

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Season 5 part 2 premieres on May 28, 2021, however what about season 6? Below we discuss what we know about the last season.

How Many Seasons Of Lucifer Are There?

There are currently five seasons of Lucifer streaming at the moment on Netflix, for example, half of season 5 because it has been divided into two parts. Season 5 part 2 is set to premiere on May 28 to finish the fifth season.

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Is There Going To Be A Season 7 Of Lucifer?

Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer season 6 will accompany up to 5 part 2 as the final season of this series. Regardless of the many cancellations and renewals, Lucifer season 6 genuinely will be the final.

How Many Episodes Are In Lucifer Season 6?

While season 5 consisted of a total of 16 episodes, eight-part 1 and eight-part two, that won’t be the case for Lucifer season. The last season is only going to include 10 episodes.

When Is Lucifer Season 6 Filming?

The final season is already a wrap! Tom Ellis shared on Twitter that the last day of filming is in the books! That is exciting, but don’t expect Lucifer season 6 to premiere just yet! There’s a lot of work that needs to happen even after filming.

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Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

Filming may be finished, but the crew behind the scenes will need to perform their magic! This means editing has begun, and you can not rush decent work. If season 5 drops in late May 2021, Lucifer season 6 could premiere anywhere from six months after May 28, so Nov. 2021, or even a year after, so May 2022.

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We are leaning towards the latter since there are typically 12 weeks between seasons. When do you believe the final pair of episodes will premiere?

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