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Lucifer Season 5: Will It be finale season or be season 6 too?




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The series is Lucifer is soon returning with its Season 5 and the last season. But there are notions that they will come up with a 6th season too.

Lucifer is an original series of Fox, but after the three-season, the series was adapted by Netflix. Now the series is streaming on the Netflix.

The fourth season of the series ended at a cliffhanger and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the Lucifer Season 5. The Lucifer headed to the hell despite living his life in Los Angeles. He thought that he is the only one to keep the demons in check and so he decided to return to hell. The series will return for the 5th season as the fans want to know what will happen to their beloved demon.

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Netflix has announced that the show will release its 5th season. And also that the 5th season will be the finale season of the series. Well, till now there is no revelation of the release date but the makers say that season 5 will be out in 2020. However, the release date could be delayed due to the current situation of coronavirus.

Is season 5 the last season of Lucifer?

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Lucifer Season 5

There was an announcement earlier this year that, yes the Lucifer Season 5 would be the finale for Lucifer. Well, now it looks like there will be a season 6 of the series. There are some reports floating in the air and as per those, the star Tom Ellis has signed a contract to return as the title character.

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Well, there are no particular official announcements about the series renewal for the 6th time. But we can expect the other cast also on board if the sixth season arrives. The Netflix is constantly in the contract with Warner Bros. So all these things foreshadow the arrival of 6th season of the series.

Netflix has not confirmed any rumours about the 6th season of Lucifer. So all we could do currently is guess and wait patiently till any further official notice.

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