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Lucifer Season 5: Why Lucifer did not exactly confirmed about his feelings?

Lucifer season 5 is in its way towards streaming platform soon. But we are still not sure whether Lucifer really love Chloe or not? If yes why did not he tell her?

Lucifans must have remembered that scene where Chloe confessed her love for Lucifer. Many fans thought that Lucifer felt the same way for Chloe. But maybe this is not the case. Let’s find out more about the insights.

Lucifer’s Feelings in Season 5


In the finale scenes of season 4, Lucifer told Chloe that he need to head back to hell and ultimately then Chloe confessed her love for him after a long wait of 4 seasons. After her confession, Lucifer told her that she was his first love. Later he lefts her on earth and heads to hell. The pair do share love, affection or whatever it is but we can’t deny the fact that Lucifer didn’t really say “I love you” back to Chloe. The next season will resume from Chloe on earth and Lucifer in hell.

Well when asked about this, Tom Ellis a.k.a Lucifer said that everything in a show is intentional. He can’t exactly confirm or deny.

Lucifer Season 5 Details


The statement really put down all the Lucifan’s expectations of seeing the pair together in love. They were expecting to see much more romance and drama between the pair. But the former statement of Ellis clearly foreshadowed that creators have something else in their store.

Some of the fans already went towards speculating the season and find out that there could be a lot in the new season. A fan said that Lucifer didn’t clearly confess the love for Chloe but said that she was his first love. Maybe this could mean that presently he does not love Chloe.

There seem to be a plethora of speculations about the series. But stars and makers all are keeping shut about the spoilers. So we can conclude that viewers have to wait to witness what exactly lies ahead.

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