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Lucifer Season 5 Trixie to be revealed as a God in Shocking twist?




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Was Chloe Decker’s daughter Trixie God all along the series?

Lucifer is a popular American web television series that first aired on Fox in 2016, however, after that first three seasons the series was discontinued and picked up by Netflix. 

Soon after the release of the fourth season, Netflix declared that the series would no longer be continued. This greatly disappointed the fans and they began a social media campaign to renew the series. 

Thus thanks to the efforts of the fans Lucifer will be back for a final fifth season. Even though we are sad about the fact that it would be the last season of the series, what excites us is that the fifth season will have not 10 but 16 episodes and two musicals!

As we already know that the 4th season ended on a rather absurd note. Sadly our iconic devil decided it was time for him to go back to Hell even though he and Detective Chloe Decker acknowledged their feelings for each other. 

Soon after Lucifer’s return to Hell Chloe began to move on with her life but we knew this couldn’t be the ending! 

We anticipated Lucifer and Chloe to have a blockbuster ending. Needless to say, fans have theories of their own. Some say that Chloe and Lucifer might as well end up saying “I do” and others believe that Chloe will turn immortal for obvious reasons! 

This brings out attention to Trixie, Chloe ‘s adorable eight years old. What happens to her?

Well, of course, fans have a lot to say about that too! Perhaps some fans believe that because Lucifer and Trixie have a weird understanding of their own, Trixie might be the incarnation of God himself! 

One of the fan’s accounts on Reddit, Woohoo_Highfive said, “I had this idea that maybe Trixie is God in disguise and now I can’t see it.”

This was one of the most liked posts on Reddit and fans believe it to be possible. Despite Lucifer’s awkwardness around Trixie, we can’t deny the two look adorable and who knows maybe if Trixie is really ” God”, maybe God wants Lucifer to know that despite the situation he’s still loved!

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