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Lucifer Season 5: The main comic character who will debut as a fan finds Easter eggs.

LUCIFER viewers are no strangers to showing Easter eggs and instructions scattered throughout the four seasons of the show, and others have now been revealed that can confirm the arrival of other comic characters hidden in season 3.

Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) has witnessed the arrival of several lowly friends in the last four seasons. While Amenadiel (DB Woodside) has been a mainstay of the event since the first season, several other biblical characters have been introduced since his arrival.

Last season we saw Inbar Lavi claim a big place on the show and take over from Kain (Tom Welling), and now fans think that another one will appear on Netflix season 5.

Of course, Lucifer was also followed by his right-wing wife Mazikeen (Leslie-Anne Brand) throughout the show. But it seems the audience might need to see different socialite characters in the next series after season three.

Reddit’s audience worked hard to uncover the instructions and Easter eggs on the show, and Lucifer King King Apcolaps3 has shown the potential of new characters.

In the third season, episode 12, Cain reveals files for all heavenly beings.
And fans have hinted that some of them have been seen on the show – but none.

A Reddit user writes: “On S3E12, Kane explained that he currently follows all celestial skies on Earth.

“Then there is the part of the file cabinet and we see five names. The first four are characters we already know, Lucifer, Maz [Mazikien], Amenadiel and Charlotte Richards.

“But we see the fifth, Gaudium, who we have never met, whose idea is that?” (SIC)

Franchise fans may know Gaudium because he was involved in the graphic novel Lucifer.

Gaudium is famous for dropping his cherub with a naughty character.
In the comics, Gaudium Lucifer initially served a number of his current research.

However, he was also very involved in Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother and his enemy.

With season five coming, fans are suspicious that Michael will appear – does that mean that disturbing music can also appear on the show?

Meanwhile, viewers believe that in season five of the show, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) might get pregnant with baby Lucifer in the coming season.

User Reddit COLLIEy_redit_now suggested, “We all know how Chloe applied to Lucifer, but in the third season, God said he wanted the best for Lucifer.

“I think because it makes him ‘vulnerable’, I think he makes him temporarily dead.



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