Lucifer Season 5 Release, Cast, Plot And How Chloe Will Meet Lucifer?


After the unwarranted crisis of no more Lucifer, we finally have something good to look forward to. #SaveLucifer campaign worked its magic and the fans pleas made a difference.

Our dear old devil will be back on screen in a brand new season, which will be the 5th season of this ongoing television series. 

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Sadly this will also be the season where fans bid adieu to the demon. Netflix has confirmed the end of Lucifer’s post fifth season.

But hold up!

However, it’s not all bad. Earlier where there would have been a mere 10 episodes in the season, now we will have six more episodes or to say what’s on everyone’s mind, 16 glorious episodes of Lucifer’s tricks.

 When is the release?

Sadly there is no confirmation on the release date yet. According to predictions all around, the release could be around spring 2020. The cast has already begun filming.

 Want to catch up?

For the fans who are worried about missing out on all the fun because they have forgotten the plots of the past season, do not worry. 

There is a Twitter video where our demon Tom Ellis himself narrates and recaps seasons 1 to 4. All important events of each season are covered. 

Unfortunately, there is no clue about the plot of season 4 but that’s what we are here for!

So far what we know is that Lucifer has killed Cain. In the finale of season three, Chloe glimpses his evil demon face for the first time in its full glory. 

She comes to terms with what she saw and what she knows about her friend Lucifer all through the fourth season. After knowing the truth about Eve, he cannot become the King of Hell either as he has turned a new leaf now.

Season 4 finale has Lucifer back in hell thanks to hell demons. It comes as a huge shock to fans who are now eagerly waiting to know what happens next. 

Most importantly what becomes of Deckerstar?! We all want answers! Hopefully, all of that will be satisfied in this final season.

Casting for the new season

Tom Ellis and Lauren German will be back as our beloved Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker. Dennis Haysbert will be playing the big guy, God Almighty and Lucifer’s boss which will be new. 

Kevin Alejandro will be playing Detective Dan. Aimee Garcia and Rachel Harris will play Ella Lopez and Dr. Linda. 

Also, no one can forget Lesley-Ann Brandt playing the snarky Mazikeen. Eve might be back, portrayed by Inbar Lavi. 

Until then, we will keep re-watching previous seasons eagerly waiting for this final season with bated breaths!