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Lucifer Season 5 New Cast and Who is Lesley- Ann Brandt?

The new season five of this series will be coming later this year on Netflix. Before their final series arrives, the fans are very much wanting to know about who is the new character the name of the new character is Lesley Ann-Brandt who play maze in the show.


Season five of the show is very much expected to arrive on Netflix around Spring 2020. The series is returning for their final series is the entire main cast, including Lesley, who plays maze in the series as we know it already.

So we don’t have the exact release date of the show yet.

The fans have to wait for some time and also for them to give or confirm the release date of when they will be releasing their fifth season of the show. It seems like the fans cannot wait for it much longer they have become impatient.


She is a South African actress and she is from Cape Town. The actress is around 38 years old now and she has starred in numerous New Zealand TV series making her international breakthrough back in the year 2011.

The actress appeared in the New Zealand TV series Diplomatic Immunity as Leilani Fa’ auigaese, as Sonia in Shortland Street and also as a Hine in This Is Not My Life. 

She has done a great job to date in her career and we know that she will be an amazing one in the new season of Lucifer.

We are hoping a lot of things and we have a lot of expectations from her and the new season as well. the fans are also feeling the same as this matter.

She is the one who will or is much suitable for the show her acting career is good and has a very good record, we are expecting that the role that will be given to her will be pretty good and awesome.



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