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Lucifer Season 5: Major Updates Of Storyline, And Trailer

Lucifer Season 5: Updates, Lucifer is one of the top shows of the streaming platform of Netflix. There are four seasons of the show till the date. Fans have been longing for Season 5 for a very long time. Now, the show is just around the corner. Lucifer Season 5 Trailer was released recently revealing major twists. What were those? Find out in the article!

The Trailer Of Season 5:


Recently, Netflix has released the trailer for Lucifer Season 5. The trailer, in itself, is full of twists and suspense. Fans are more curious than before after watching the trailer of the upcoming season.

A major twist is revealed in the trailer. The twist is Lucifer’s twin brother ‘Michael’. Lucifer Morningstar, God of the Devil, came to Earth-666 from Hell. On Earth, Lucifer opens up a pub and settles his life. He meets Chloe Decker, a detective and Lucifer helps her in solving cases. Gradually, Lucifer and Chloe started falling in love. But in the end, Lucifer is called back to Hell from Earth. Lucifer had to leave Chloe and Earth and returned to Hell.

Meanwhile, Lucifer’s twin brother ‘Michael’ takes his place on Earth. He pretends to act like Lucifer and takes up his life. Michael also pretends to have a relationship with Chloe as Lucifer. Though, in the trailer, Chloe notices something wrong and suspicious in Lucifer’s behavior.

It is quite evident that if the trailer had a huge twist then Season 5 will full of suspense. How will Chloe suspect and find out it’s Michael? For this, we have to just wait for a while as Season 5 will be releasing soon.

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