Lucifer Season 5: Lucifer to stand up to Father Frank in huge Hell? – here’s the secret


LUCIFER fans have been energetically anticipating the fifth and last period of the hit extraordinary show.

With showrunners teasing that Lucifer will meet a commonplace face in Hell, it appears fans have just revealed who.

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) fans will meet Father Frank (Colman Domingo) in season one of the show. He was the first to perceive the genuine Lucifer minutes before his demise.

Presently one fan figure he could be the one to rejoin with Lucifer in Hell.

Although the idea of father Frank in Hell would be unimaginably dismal for fans, it appears he is a solid possibility for being uncovered as the “recognizable face” set to rejoin with the Devil.

Notwithstanding discovering his confidence and endeavoring to ensure Connor(Harrison Thomas), Frank kicked the bucket with a ton of blame.

Presently, one fan figures the blame could be what prevented him from climbing. Reddit client Armsmaster2112 started: “On the off chance that I recall accurately the makers said that Lucifer will meet a well-known face in Hell.

I realize a few people figure it may be Father Frank and a few people believe that is discouraging.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where it is him. Be that as it may, in spite of the dad perhaps winding up in Hell, the fan is practically sure he could be the first to leave Hell in a stun new development.

They included: “Imagine a scenario in which Father Frank turns into the main individual to leave hellfire.

The primary individual to excuse themselves enough to proceed onward?

“Lucifer encourages him to complete over the things he’s throughout everyday life and watches him climb before the finish of the scene? We realize that that is conceivable, Lucifer himself says there are no locks on damnation and the main thing holding individuals there is their blame.”

Was Hell at any point truly intended to be an interminable discipline in Lucifer?

The fan proceeded to guess Hell is simply a “treatment session for people to move past their blame” in the show. Is Lucifer to a greater degree a specialist than a savage guard?