Lucifer Season 5 Is Dan and Charlotte Returning in new Season?


Lucifer returned to Netflix for the fifth series and fans were happy to see which actors returned. Some viewers have a theory about whether Dan and Charlotte will return.

Lucifer was first introduced at FOX in 2016 and is based on the DC cartoon character from The Sandman. The series focuses on Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), who is a devil and left hell to live in LA.


Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) and lawyer Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) also play the main roles in the show.

In Lucifer, Charlotte Richards is a lawyer who was killed, but his body was taken by the goddess when he tried to find Lucifer. Charlotte is killed in the third series of the series by Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling).

Before he was killed, the lawyer worked on an FBI case for the cartel. The goddess finally left Charlotte’s body to create a new universe, and when Dan (Kevin Alejandro) examined his body, he woke up.

In the series, Dan is in a relationship with Charlotte, and after he is resurrected, he realizes that he cannot remember who he is. Later in the series, Charlotte has the opportunity to apologize to Dan for his unusual behavior towards him.

In the next episode, he is accidentally killed by Marcus Pierce and taken to heaven, causing Dan to grieve.

Fans went to Reddit to find out if the couple will reunite in the new series.
SamaritanSue said: “Many publications are speculating about who, if any, will find the truth in the coming season.

“I note that Charlotte will return, and it is very likely (because this is a pretty certain assumption that somehow she will find out about his return).

“Of course she will become a goddess in a body identical to Charlotte …
However, other fans believe that Charlotte will not return and only the actors who play it will have a short appearance.

H2p012 said, “Charlotte will not return. Trisha Helfer will return for the fourth episode which is a flashback of the 1940s or the AU episode. There is a bit of confusion in this area, but it does not play the role of Charlotte at all.”

In an interview with Collider Live in December, Helfer answered the question of whether he would return or not.

He said, “That’s funny because there is a convention about Lucifer in LA. I asked if Charlotte or Mama would come back and say no as far as I know. And I didn’t lie because Charlotte or Mama didn’t come back.

“Who knows, I’d love to be back in some form since last season, but when they come back and send me the old scenario – I’m not Mama or Charlotte?”

There are references to series 40, but don’t want to reveal too much.
He said: “This is really exciting and very exciting and I’m very happy to be back and play with this team again.

“Kevin Alejandro is hysterical in this episode. He just lights up, you will die of laughter.”