Lucifer Season 5: Future Plans Revealed Including Release Date, Cast, Plot

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Lucifer Season 5 has been announced we have its future Plans Revealed Including Release Date, Cast, Plot. Lucifer, the king of hell returns back to hell in the previous season, the coming season could feature his re-arrival on earth. Season 5 has all the answers to our questions.

Release Date Of Lucifer Season 5:


Earlier we had an expectation that the first part of the season 5 would release in summer 2020. But it doesn’t seem to be the case now. The corona pandemic across the world, production of Lucifer season 5 has also come to a halt.

The new release date hasn’t been officially announced yet. However, it is expected to be set in summer of 2021.

The plot of Lucifer season 5:netflix-lucifer-season-4-tom-ellis-1560162146-2.jpg

We all know that Dennis Haysbert has been cast for the role of God, Lucifer’s previous boss,  and it will introduce God in this season. Although we have been introduced to God in season 3, he did not appear on the screen, it was just the voice in the background

There is also going to be a musical episode. The tenth episode is planned to be musical and titled as “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Ja.” There is a real story behind the episode.

There have been talks about season 6 of Lucifer around the web. It turns out that Netflix and WB have been talking about the renewal of the show for the season 6.  Earlier the 5th season was going to be the final one and therefore it was extended for a run of 16 episodes. But it seems like we are going to have the sixth season too


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