Lucifer Season 5: First Trailer Have Been Revealed Know Every Other Detail

Lucifer Season 5: Updates, The first full trailer for the show, ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 has been released by Netflix and it then revealed that Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael, will be the one who will be causing the chaos. The fans of the show went crazy looking at the trailer of the show, this also shows that there will be a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming season of the show.

After Lucifer ended up going back to Hell at the very end of the Lucifer’s fourth season, the new trailer for the fifth season seemed to tease his early return. However, now things do not seem quite right with Lucifer at the begging of this new trailer for the fifth season. It is then revealed that this is not the Lucifer we have come to know and love. This is actually Lucifer’s evil brother, named Michael, and he is posing as his brother.

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So now it seems like that the evil brother, Michael does not want to break his brother’s life, he is just going to take it. Yes, this is going to be a huge twist and turn in the Lucifer tale. There was never any kind of hints that Lucifer had a twin brother in the show before the trailer was even released for the fans of the show.

Many of the fans did not think and many of them did even know that Lucifer had an evil brother named Michael. We might be wrong but this was said according to some of the reports. This show Lucifer may have made some passing remark about having his twin brother in one of the previous episodes.

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Anyways talking about the show or the trailer we now know that Michael is here for some revenge or wrong things. He will be causing some real havoc in the original or the good Lucifer’s life. Hopefully, Lucifer will be coming back from Hell pretty soon to solve all these problems with his brother or what his brother has made.

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