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Lucifer Season 5: Fans Speculations of The Plot! Release Date and other details

Lucifer Season 5 Updates: Lucifer is an American fantasy TV Show. It is one of the most famous shows on the streaming platform of Netflix. There are four successful seasons of the show on Netflix. Also, season 5 of the show is on its way. Season 5 will be divided into two subparts, the first one consisting of eight episodes. The division occurred due to the pandemic situation. Meanwhile, fans have been speculating the story of Season 5 of Lucifer.

The Plot of Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5:

The plot of Lucifer revolves around the devil named the same. The story is inspired by the concept of Hell and the Devil. Also, the character of Lucifer has been taken from DC Comics. Lucifer decides to live on Earth-666 between the mortals. He owns a club on the Earth and starts staying in the club. In his time on Earth, he is frank about his own identity as he goes on telling everyone that he is a devil.

Although, no one believes him for whatever he says. On his way, he meets Detective Chloe Decker and he feels very vulnerable in front of her. Later, he befriends her and starts solving cases with her. Chole his determined to show Lucifer that he is not the devil but then she finds out the real truth about him.

Fans Speculation of The Plot:

Fans have been very determined to speculate the story of the Lucifer Season 5. On Twitter, one fan states that Detective Chloe Decker’s daughter Trixie knows about Lucifer’s identity. It has been seen in the past that Trixie draws the painting of Lucifer in the devil avatar.

Does Trixie know about Lucifer? If yes, then what is going to be her reaction? We have to wait for Season 5 for the answers.



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