Lucifer Fans Have Been Convinced That Trixie Cannot Be Chloe And Dan’s Daughter


This show is currently in the middle of a very long hiatus but, with their episodes available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the Biblical police drama now has become an ideal binge to watch throughout the corona-virus pandemic.

One of the fans of the show has an intriguing theory about a fan-favorite character.


Lucifers might now finally see the original Fox drama unite the much-teased relationship between Lucifer Morningstar which is played by Tom Ellis and Chloe Decker.

Previously this was released on Amazon Prime Video when the fifth season returns to Netflix the pair now might need to clear up all the real percentage of Trixie Espinoza first.

The fourth season of this hit fantasy drama ended on the series’ most devastating cliff-hanger yet.

After fulfilling the prophecy of Father Kinley, we saw that Lucifer kissed his ‘true love’ Chloe Decker, and then he returned to his throne in Hell to keep all the demons at bay.


Then Lucifer was thankfully renewed for their another exciting slate which had sixteen episodes for the streaming service, Netflix.

But, unfortunately, the production of this eagerly anticipated fifth part or season of the devil’s detective antics have been hit with severe delays amid the ongoing corona-virus pandemic.

The cast and the crew and even the actors of this show have teased their announcements coming soon but, so far, the fans still do not have any idea that when the first eight episodes of the fifth season will be made available for them.

During this long wait for the much new Lucifer content, the fans of the show have been taking a lot of advantage of the lockdown.

They are now returning to the older episodes to reacquaint themselves with the whole story so far. They are still having a lot of fun watching the previous episodes as they are outstanding.