Lucifer Fans Curious For The Final Season And Which Evil Foe Tom Ellis Will Be Facing Off.


Lucifer fans are curious and awaiting its fifth and final season of the series, which is yet to arrive on Netflix coming year. Fans are anticipating another huge bad guy to come through Los Angeles, which might be the foes. Lucifer has been the toughest as he’s trapped in Hell. Many fans believe a lot of the series fifth and the final season, which will feature him to work out to get back on Earth.


However, in the past four seasons, Lucifer has been very free and open about his real identity as the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, and nobody believes him in his inner circle, excluding his brother Amandiel who is also an angel including his friend Maze who is unlike them a demon.


Throughout season 4, Lucifer, who simultaneously told his colleague and close friend LAPD, who is a forensic scientist, Ella Lopez, in which he was devil inevitably, she never believed him. Michael is a possible villain as he is not Lucifer’s or Amenadiel’s favorite siblings.

Maybe it is the time for punishment from his part. However, the upcoming season of Lucifer will be divided in two. Will hit Netflix next year, but not much is known about it yet.