Lucifer fans are frustrated as the season-5 is not coming out!! Here are the details about it!!


Lucifer fans are the ones who are continuously asking when season-5 will be out. It is very difficult for them to grasp that Lucifer has abandoned his throne in hell and run to open a nightclub in Los Angeles.

You know that Fox cancelled the series after the third season as it was not getting enough views. It was taken by Netflix and they released the fourth season last year. From that time fans are waiting for the new season.

The news is that Lucifer played by Tom Ellis has completed the show and he is back as the titular character. You will see it earlier but now you know because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is delayed. It is hard for the developers to give the finishing touches to the series’ new season.

Here is a tweet from the member of the series:

“Ildy Modrovich 


I miss this family… and hope to see them very soon. 😉 ?❤️#LuciferNetflix #Lucifamily #Lucifer”

It is there that you all don’t know what is going with the show, but fans are frustrated with it. You can see that the showrunner Ildy Modrovich can also feel the same.

Another tweet from her after a fan tweeted that, waiting for the season-5 for a long time:

Ildy Modrovich


I know! Feel free to be annoyed. I thought it’d be sooner than it’s been. Oof. ?❤️ 

Most of the people are frustrated, but they know that the show makers can not do many things about it as the coronavirus can be finished by just saying.  Doctors are doing their work but this virus is not going anywhere. The television industry has suffered very much.

So, people can just do one thing that waits for the season. Season-5 will happen when it will happen. Wait for it and you will get the best season of Lucifer. There can be more delays in the series’ fifth season. But it will definitely come out for you.

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