Lowry: Latinx Word Is a Hit and Miss Proposition for Identity Politics


The progressive cultural elite typically gets its way. Are single-sex bathrooms becoming all-gender or non-gender? Done. Do undocumented immigrants become illegal immigrants? Sure.

So, when trendy opinion chose to retire the word “Latino” in favor of “Latinx,” one might have been excused for assuming that this awful neologism would, like so much everything in American society, quickly become popular.


However, Latinos have rejected the word, highlighting the pitfalls of high-handed cultural politics for the Democrats.

Latinx may out to be a failed woke experiment, illustrating the chasm between identity-politics-obsessed progressives and the Hispanics they claim to represent.

The supposed Latinx difficulty is that Spanish contains gendered nouns. For transgender and non-binary persons, the use of the descriptor male Latino is said to be exclusive, hostile, and harmful. “To default to the masculine gender increases interpersonal violence against women and non-binary individuals,” a Princeton academic writes in a glossary.

Latinx evolved from the neologism Latin@, an effort to combine the -o at the end of Latino with the -a at the end of Latina. But no one knew how to say it. It was regarded unwoke because the “o” reportedly dominated the “a” (yes, this is how some people think). On social media, the @ symbol is used to tag someone.

Then Latinx, which is even more ludicrous.

Latinx is unintelligible to any Spanish speaker who does not know English, according to Giancarlo Sopo of The Daily Wire.

In reality, “Latinx” polls worse than Joe Biden. In a Politico study, just 2% of Hispanics like the phrase, whereas 68% prefer Hispanic and 21% choose Latino or Latina 40% of respondents find the phrase insulting, and 30% say they are less inclined to support a candidate or organisation that uses it.

Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) responded to the poll by saying his staff cannot use Latinx in official correspondence. “Latino politicians use the word to please white affluent leftists who believe we use it,” he added. “Confirmation bias is a vicious circle.”

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Nonetheless, elite media outlets and other progressive organizations, as well as many elected Democrats, have adopted the word. Using the word Latinx (or the more cutting-edge Latina/o/x or Xicanx) to refer to a significant group of people is offensive.

And it demonstrates that most Latinos don’t want to be used as puppets in the increasingly more strained and convoluted leftist politics of constant victimology.

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