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Love Season 4 – Is It Coming On Netflix?

Everyone around me is either dating or in a relationship and some are just finding their perfect soulmates. A large number of my friends are single and hopeless romantics who just want to settle with a perfect person or just a person. Well, a similar situation was for Mickey and Gus, who aren’t a perfect couple but looking for love in their life. 

Before googling who these two actually are, let me tell you about their life through a TV series, Love. A series that precisely describes the show but is enough to realize the people what it is actually about. 

The series has already released its three seasons despite that they originally planned for two seasons only. This sudden increase in the number of seasons raises hope among the fans that there might be a chance of season 4. 

In doubt? After reading this article you will surely forget about it. In this article, I’ll discuss everything that has happened so far and the possibilities of season 4 of Love. Keep scrolling to read about it.  

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Love – What is it about?


An American Romantic series that was first released on 19 February 2019 was something that happened to release on the online streaming platform. It was initially made for the television series but after it was officially made for Netflix

The story revolves around two people who are completely opposite of each other yet manage to fall in for each other. Mickey, who is just an alcoholic, sex addict and often hook up with random people. She is also an outgoing person who doesn’t have many friends in her life. She rarely believes in the people and you will see her fighting hard in the show. Her disbelief in herself and in other people made her quite different. 

On the other hand, Gus is just an awkward guy who doesn’t really like to talk much. He isn’t an out-going person and has an introverted personality. He is completely on the other side of the world as compared to Mickey. 

When these two collided through a social dating app, things started to feel interesting. The show centralized a Dating app that will find the math of a person through the likes and dislikes of the couple. 

Furthermore, both of these characters have a chaotic life but they still manage to stay together. The simple thought behind this story, as said by Judd Apatow, “I want to make a show that tells the current scenario of today’s generation. They choose to not be together just because they have differences in their lives. Well, Instead of thinking that way, they should work on it to make it better”

Love Season 4 – Is it Happening?


The show was originally made as a  2-season show, where we all get introduced to the lives of Mickey and Gus. The show isn’t much of a dramatic side and has a simple phenomenon where two completely opposite people fall for each other. But their differences made both of them doubt their relationship. 

The audience loved the show and asked the creators to have more of it. The two seasons weren’t able to satisfy the demand of the people and make them happy for a long time. After season 2 ended, Netflix decided to renew the series again. 

This gives hope to the audience that there might be a chance for another season this year. Season three ended in 2018 and it’s been over 3 years since there is something out regarding the show. 

If the officials have to renew the series for another season, they might have done it for now. I don’t really think that the series has a bright future ahead. 

Moreover, in 2019, the series was officially canceled for releasing more episodes and the officials made it clear that the third season was the last one.

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Love Season 4 – When is it Going to Release?


Season 4 of the Love series isn’t coming anytime soon. The series officially ended with the last season 3 and there isn’t much side to the story. I don’t think that there are any future plans by Netflix to continue with this series. 

Also, as the audience are pretty satisfied with the ending, there is no need to extend the show. If there will be any future updates in this show then I’ll let you know.

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Love – Is it Worth watching?

If you are someone who loves to watch the Romantic series then this series will definitely excite you. The hopeless romantic and awkward guy with the sex addict and outgoing girl, well! This is something that sounds quite cool.

In a world where hookup and short-term love are temporary, Gus and Mickey are having a hard time finding a perfect match for themselves. Mickey, who looks super hot and can make any guy attracted towards her want to have a serious relationship and at the same time is facing problems with his bad habits.

On the other side, Gus looks like he is in his early 40 but actually quite smart and cute. He loves Mickey for who she really is. The show will take you long the story of these two-character and make you completely fall for them, 

Try this show this year and make yourself less awkward around the term RELATIONSHIP. 

Is there any official Trailer for this show?

If you wanna check out the official trailer of this series then Netflix has done it for you. The online streaming platform is committed to the fans to take the exciting trailer before the series actually happened. Check out this amazing trailer of this series.

What are the ratings/Feedback of this show?

The audience loved the awkward yet cute relationship of the two people along with the amazing storyline that makes the show keep going. The show makes the interest and entertainment for the audience keep ongoing. People also adore the lack of other characters in the series and they actually loved how the show focused more on the main lead and made it more lengthy. 

The critics were also quick to react to this series and they admired the show but gave it nice ratings in all categories. The IMDb rating of this show is 7.7/10. TV.com has rated the show with 8/10 ratings. At last, the show has 94% of rotten tomatoes. 

The audience has already loved the theme of this show and rated it 4 stars in the audience rating summary. They love who the two different personality people came together for the love, breaking the stereotype of the people. It gives hope to the couple who are finding it very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.




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