Love Is Blind’s Kelly made the right decision with Kenny


Kenny Barnes and kelly Chase had the relationship on Love Is Blind, it appeared until he turned him down.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes had the perfect relationship on Love Is Blind, it seemed until she turned him down in the last possible instant. She made the decision, while fans may be mad at Kelly without saying no to a fantastic thing.


Kenny and Kelly have been confoundingly absent from the beginning of the show. While the ancient drama focused on the relationship between Matt Barnett and Amber Pike and Barnett and LC and Barnett and Jessica Batten, in Addition to others, Kelly and Kenny were nowhere to be seen.

Finally, we found all of a sudden and a few conversations between them, Kenny was ready to propose. When they left with another five partners Cancun, we knew practically nothing about them.

They had a connection that is strong throughout, with the one hiccup being their lack of familiarity. Kenny was ready while Kelly favored they wait to have sex.

At the finale, Kelly dropped Kenny at the altar, getting one of three individuals to say “I do not” in the past episode of Love Is Blind. Kelly’s decision was the most unexpected.

As every couple attracted closer to their respective wedding days, the show concentrated on fighting and drama. With Kenny and Kelly, there was hardly any. The thing that wasn’t functioning for them was that Kelly did not wish to take their connection to the next level.

Kelly spoke early in the series about her standards for guys, and it came down to the fact that she was not physically attracted sufficient to Kenny to marry him. While that may seem shallow intimacy is an important part of any relationship.

It’s probably intended to be if one person does not feel it. That being said, there are many other elements to a relationship, and it seems Kelly and Kenny assessed off more of those boxes than anyone else about the show.

Nevertheless, when it came to pledging eternal love, Kelly wasn’t about Kenny’s level.