Love Is Blind’s Carlton Morton Had a Huge Fight With Kenya Moore over bodyshaming


Carlton Morton delivered among Love Is Blind’s most shocking moments (so far) thanks to his struggle with fiancee Diamond Jack’s two episodes in. Nonetheless, it seems like he has a history of getting into scraps that are blown out of proportion. To be honest, however, the time, he was 100% at the right.

Appearing on the reality show back in 2012, Carlton’s precious time in the spotlight came to a screeching stop after he confronted Kenya Moore because she made remarks.

Working as Cynthia Bailey’s assistant at the time, Carlton stepped after he heard one model is told by Kenya: ‘I’m not attempting to be the girl, but why are you here?

I am just being honest.’ She told the other she belonged for posing in a bikini, announcing’say no to crack’ because it awakened, and calling.

How can you come to the acceptable thing, and also an audition showing your coochie crack, along with your ass crack?’

Cynthia added. 26 years old and regardless of his occupation being on the line, Carlton told her to be nicer and be respectful to those facing her. Kenya then looked stunned and snapped at him:’You want to stop. Excuse me. Who are you and why are you speaking to me?

I work for the Bailey Agency. Who are you? Because I’ve never met you personally,’ he snapped back — and when she phoned him a b***h, things took off. ‘B***h?! You don’t see yourself,’

Carlton informed her. ‘I am not holding a mirror. Do not be disrespectful towards me’ The safety of Kenya then removed him but we kind of love that this ballsy move.

The clip then erupted into a fight when she tried to talk through it and was discovered following a scene on Love Is Blind, where he came clean to Diamond.

She told me: ‘I feel like that I kept it real since day one with you. I believe you left out who you are. I feel just like you kind of played with the experiment.’

Carlton then reacted by saying she’revealed her true colors’, and threw her ring at the pool as the fight got worse when she called off their involvement.


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