Love is Blind: Why This Couple Should Host the Second Season


Love is Blind lovers believe that season two, substituting the hosts of Vanessa Lachey, Nick and season should be hosted by Cameron and Lauren Hamilton.

Lauren and Cameron should sponsor season 2 of Love is Blind. They’d make a fantastic team to convince another round of contestants that this procedure can work.


Netflix steered clear from its customary layout and discharging every incident one by one rather than the very first season simultaneously. The favorite streaming system made the choice to release a dating reality show of its own known as Love is Blind.

The premise of this show is really for singles to try and find a significant other to fall in love together; the catch is the singles without actually laying eyes on one another must do so. Viewers watch as the couples interacted try to form a psychological connection without the disruption of attraction.

The couple was one of two to make it into the end and have a successful marriage. Fans of the popular show felt that Nick and Vanessa Lachey simply did not cut it. Nick did not appear to know to maintain dialogue or interview and was composed by fans when he tried to voice a comment that came out as mundane.

Vanessa, on the other hand, found it easy to link that she asked questions and did much better. Her capacity to hold a conversation flowed more naturally.

Lauren and Cameron have an infectious character that lovers will soon be able to watch in their YouTube channel called Hanging with the Hamiltons.

Fans will be given access to the couple’s everyday life and therefore are believed to discuss everything from travel, social life and, of course, marriage.

The newlyweds appear to have the ability to interact comfortably with their lovers and are open to sharing most of the not-so-private life. Their personalities as hosts would shine through, engaging not only the contestants but the fans.

Fans are self-assured that year 2 will be greenlighted thanks to the first season’s achievement while Netflix has yet to declare the date for season two. It is among the greatest shows on the service, over a month following its premiere.

Presently, Cameron and Lauren are deciding the best time to begin their loved ones, so Netflix signal them fast in the event the show wishes to switch the hosts up.