Love Is Blind Season 2: Why Kelly Chase Should Return for Second Season


We saw almost nothing of Kenny and Kelly. They had a couple of conversations and all of a sudden was walking into the pod using a ring and a lawsuit. It was strange how little of an edit they obtained.

The reason is that there was not much drama between the two since moving with the remainder of the couples to Atlanta and rendezvousing into Mexico.

There was little to suggest they wouldn’t wind up together. Their families loved one another when they all had the opportunity. And no additional pairs of families met before the wedding day, something which would appear to be a common event but perhaps not with this particular accelerated timeline.

At the finale, they looked to be the largest slam dunk to wed. In the long run, Kelly was not prepared to get married to Kenny.

Kelly hinted at the reunion episode that she regretted not providing Kenny another chance. Now, Kenny is in another relationship and it is too late. She appearances over what is on the inside, in relationships that are previous and also with Kenny.

Nonetheless, it sounds like she’s learned from those mistakes and is about to proceed.

It’d be good to have someone who was on the first season of Love Is Blind on another year, to determine how they would correct if given a shot to go back for a second season. Could they be more careful in locating a match?

Or would they jump into the unknown, prepared to have it not work out? Everybody in the reunion said they gained something from the experience, so they would be open to moving through it again, at the risk of being criticized for decisions they make along the way.

It’d be a joy since Kelly wasn’t heavily featured in the first season. Since the audience has so attached to all the characters from Love Is Blind, it would likewise be a strong advertising strategy to welcome some of the season 1 celebrities back again.


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