Love is Blind Season 2 Why Carlton Morton Should Return for the Second Season


Carlton Morton did not have the ending that he hoped for on season 1 Love Is Blind, but he would be great to bring back for season two of this hit show.

Carlton Morton did not have the finish that he had been expecting for on season 1 of Love Is Blind, but he’d be great to return for season 2. His story was touching and heartbreaking, and it would be interesting to see how he’d approach another attempt.

The show wasn’t fair to Carlton’s story. He was thrust into a feeling which sought to highlight heterosexual connections, rendering his narrative of sexual fluidity that an outlier.

It dominated so much of what we understood about him that his other qualities became footnotes. His connection with Diamond Black hinged on the battle to come out to her.

Both he and Diamond mismanaged the scenario; while Diamond wasn’t understanding, Carlton was combative. It was an aggressive push and pull until the rope broke and both went their separate ways. Happily, they rekindled their friendship about the reunion, agreeing to move past the fight.

Carlton also got the engagement ring and re-proposed into Diamond, although now only as buddies. It was a great gesture, one which Diamond seemed to love.


Carlton confessed he wasn’t proud of the things he explained to Diamond, in reflecting on how he could have done things differently. It would have been hard for him to be open about his sexuality considering how rushed the whole process from the pods truly is.

That having been said, Carlton would thrive in a scenario in which he was not the sole non-heterosexual person on a cast. It had been extremely unsatisfactory the lack of diversity that was symbolized Since the throw was whittled down.

Lauren and Cameron were powerful representations of an interracial couple; beyond it was a lot of what we’re utilized to with these displays.

Love Is Blind hunted to add Carlton’s narrative on a series that didn’t welcome it. This explains why he was uncomfortable with being open and outside. It wasn’t a trip that he shared with anyone else about the show.

It had been his. In his community, he fought to be out as a black man. Love Is Blind didn’t do him any favors easing his worries about being that he is.

This show grabbed the interest of the international Netflix audience, and since we remain in self-quarantine, it continues to attract a crowd. Love Is Blind was popular, however, it was hardly ideal.

The experience on the show of Carlton is one example of that. When he returns for the following season its defects can be fixed by this series and try to welcome diversity, in sexuality and race.


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