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Love Is Blind Season 2: All the information and every detail about the renewal, casting, auditions of the show




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Alert! This article contains Love Is Blind spoilers.

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Love Is Blind is such show that captured a lot of public attention. This show was totally in the category of Netflix’s hit shows. This show was popular among the youth who are in the search of their love.

The series paired some people and they have to date each other without meeting face to face. The two persons have conversations through there pods. When the two feel love for each other, one of them can propose and if the other one accepts they finally get to meet face-to-face. After whole of this proposal and meeting session the couple go on a holiday and get more time to spend with each other before their wedding. Some couples then decide to separate paths and some get their dream wedding.

The Netflix’s YouTube channel showed the reunion of season 1 contestants. All the 6 couple of the first season were asked about their journey on the show. They were also asked about their changes in their lives after the show. The reunion was hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

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But the fans are constantly looking forward any information or news about the renewal of the series. So, here we are with all that we know.

Renewal Updates!

The Netflix has confirmed the renewal news. They said that the series will be back for their fans. The Netflix VP for the non fictional content say that he is overwhelmed by the response on the show. He said that the show will exist till it will be in demand of the fans, be it a 2nd season or a 12th season.

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Here’s all that you need to know about the new upcoming season of the series.

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Love Is Blind season 2 casting and auditions

The entire cast of the first season was from Atlanta because it is where the custom-built facility is located. The team has been in search of the contestants who would be interested in such kind of commitment. The show’s had to work hard as they really wanted to make the best collage of memories for the contestants. They gave their best shot for the love and marriage.

The applications for the season 2 are open now. Anyone above 18 can fill the form on the official sign up page for the show. The form will ask if the applicant is US citizen or not but it also gives an option of no. So the international contestants can also go for the show.

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The selection for the show depends upon how much a person is interested in real love and commitments. There are a lot of love shows on the TV and web but the true love is essence of this show.

Love Is Blind season 2 trailer

Well there are no trailer or teasers floating on the web. But we make sure to inform you asap. This new season is anticipated to be a lot more of season 1.

Love Is Blind season 2 release date

The 1st season of the series aired on Netflix in February 2020. Since then, there are only rumors about the season 2. Well the current pandemic situation has stalled the whole world and our series is no exception. So, we could expect a new season no sooner that the year 2021.

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