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Love Is Blind Kenny Barnes And Kelly Chase are Most Hopeful Couple to Wed

The most dependable connection of those five couples heading into the Love Is finale is involving Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes.

The most steady few those five remaining headings to the Love Is Blind finale is Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes. They’ve experienced no drawbacks, which makes them the most likely set to wed in the finished episode.

We saw almost nothing of Kelly and Kenny from the pods. They had a couple of discussions and then, all of a sudden was walking into the pod using a lawsuit and a ring. It was odd how little of an edit that they obtained.

The reason they were not shown as much is that there hasn’t been much drama between the two because moving with all the remainder of the couples to Atlanta and rendezvousing into Mexico.

There has been little to suggest they won’t wind up. When they all had the opportunity to get together their families adored one another.

And no additional monies of households fulfilled before the wedding, something which would seem to be a frequent event but not with this timeline.

The potential thing working against Kenny is Kelly’s lack of feelings toward him. They are the only ones – we think – which have not yet had sex.

It could be due to Kelly’s decision or it might be that she is not attracted to him. On the other hand, is ready to get hot and heavy from the bedroom. To his credit, he has shown a willingness to wait patiently.

This narrative was a road bump at a year of potholes. Matt Barnett has significant issues about Amber Pike battles. Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli have fought like cats and dogs.

Lauren Speed is not sure she’s prepared to say “I do” into Cameron Hamilton and Jessica Batten just doesn’t look that into Mark Cuevas at all. Like, at all.

Meanwhile, Kenny and Kelly have made this procedure look all too simple. Because everything has worked out easily for them thus far, they have received the amount of airtime.

It’s one thing to enjoy one another’s company. It’s another entirely to pledge love to someone else. The time frame is too short for one of these contestants to be ready to tie the knot, although Kenny and kelly appear the readiest.

Is love blind? Kenny and Kelly look like the best shot at this point to prove if that can be true.



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