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Love Is Blind is Damian Powers Going to Say “I Do” to Giannian Gibelli?

The association between Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers has been from the beginning, but both will they look past it?

The relationship between Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli has looked anything but healthy during their weeks-long engagement, and now it’s time to get your Love Is Blind few to say “I do.”

Can Powers dismiss the warning signals which are extraordinarily clear to the audience and make it official with a woman he seems not compatible at all with?

We did not see a Great Deal of Powers and Gibelli at the beginning portion of Love Is Blind when they had been in the pods. 

The show focused on other associations, such as Matt Barnett’s love triangle, and Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed’s fast engagement. 

Still, Powers was among six guys to suggest to his upcoming fiancée, sight unseen. Five couples created it past Cancun, and that’s where the Powers-Gibelli relationship started to unravel. 

Neither of them had a fantastic method of handling conflict, and it led to several combustible moments. They discovered that they did not see eye to eye. When Powers’ parents decided they weren’t prepared to meet with Gibelli’s parents it added another layer of complexity. They stayed with another.

The final episode of the second group, which fell on Thursday, leaves off on the cliffhanger of whether Powers will agree to wed Gibelli. 

She is already committed, although she’d probably be better off leaving Powers behind. They’ve worked on communicating better as time has gone on, but using a relationship built on such a rugged base, it feels like if Powers did state “I do”, their marriage would not last long.

It started fine with both of these, two or three people who were very different but determined to make it work. It’s common for a couple to struggle, but believing they had just known each other for a couple of weeks, their disagreements had to be viewed as red flags.

And a number of these were not tame disagreements. They were the kind of quarrels that could make a child lock quiver and the door in their room.

Love Is Blind is pushing for as many of the engaged couples to at least make it to the altar. Of the six relationships that formed in the pods (that we saw), five will maintain a wedding. 

The will-he-will not-he teaser of Powers taking his time could just be a cliffhanger for effect. Or it might be a sign that the wedding is a set up to make a second that is manufactured.



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