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Love Is Blind Giannini Reveals She is Still With Damain Powers

Love is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli utilizes Instagram posts and tales to confirm she is still with Damien Powers during the coronavirus quarantine.

With ample quantities of time on most of the population’s hands today, Love is Blind lovers have had more opportunity to stay informed about their newest favorite reality stars. Married couples, Lauren and Cameron, and Amber and Barnett have shared the way they’re spending some time.

However, speculation started to arise whether bunch Giannina and Damian were still together during the coronavirus quarantine along with the stars supplied a response.

Binge seeing and social websites are two pastimes that fill any ordinary day of boredom. Now that everyone is confronted with bookmarking as well as with it that the go-to distractions, the boredom that can come are being utilized more than normal.

Netflix’s unique reality series Love is Blind and its cast is assisting many distract themselves during these trying times. What is left to do once you binge-watch a reality show about spouses who fall in love website hidden (particularly during a quarantine)? Why, see if they are together, naturally!

Giannina and Damian’s Instagram webpages started to create a stir. Before yesterday, it seemed both were self-isolating individually with Giannina posting selfies of her beau and herself simply sharing a dapper image of himself.

Afterward, as if they heard the minds of their fans, both began to give insight on what they’ve been doing during the lockdown. Giannina started with sharing a fantastic morning photo on her Instagram tales revealing the two of them cuddled in bed.

She then followed that article by displaying a hand (presumingly Damian’s) pouring contents to get a smoothie in a blender, captioned: “The big man smoothie.”

Meanwhile, on Damian’s story, he confirms he’s the “large man smoothie” manufacturer by sharing a photograph of both enjoying the completed smoothies, captioned, “stay healthy.”

This morning, lovers were privy to learn more about the couple and their typical activities. A photo was posted by Giannini on her Instagram narrative from when the couple went trekking.

She wrote, “He’s still sleeping and I have been awake for about an hour this is generally what occurs, then I create our breakfast and we go on adventures like this when we improved this it was the hottest day of the year”.

Both are together and they have jumped the social distancing from each other for cuddling however they are practicing isolation.

The Love is Blind lovers are here for all the adorable photos and smoothie instances between the two, keep the updates coming G!



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