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Love Is Blind: Could Matt Barnett See Past Amber Pike’s Financial Struggles?

Will it be too much to not get married, although it had been revealed that Amber Pike is struggling financially?

It was revealed on the most recent series of episodes on Love Is Blind that Amber Pike is struggling financially. Is that something her fiancé Matt Barnett can look beyond as he prepares to wed her?

Barnett began this journey in a love triangle (quadrangle?), having to decide between Jessica Batten, Lauren”LC” Chamblin, and Pike. 

After struggling to perpetrate Batten, he needed to select either Pike or LC. He went to the girl we watched him have a solid connection with, with Pike. 

Since then, they researched the areas of their relationship in Cancun and moved in together. The biggest hurdle in their relationship has been the fiscal problems, which she revealed to Barnett of Pike. 

It looked like something that he was willing to look beyond in the present time, although he didn’t appear thrilled.

Heading into wedding, Barnett and Pike have had one of the relationships far. Since Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli have fought Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed have had to overcome the hesitancy of her father about her dating a white guy and Kenny and Kelly have waited to have intercourse. 

Barnett and Pike have done demonstrating the best chemistry of any couple on the series.

It may not be enough, however. We see in the lead-up to the finale that one person is carrying his time stating “I do.” 

From the trailer for the season, it reveals a runaway bride, presumably portending that at least one woman does not find her happy ending. If Barnett comprehends that it won’t practically work it might be Pike.

Both seemed like a match. Even though Barnett’s sarcasm rubbed many women the way, Pike was blindsided with his sense of comedy.

They were from Georgia, so they were able to bond over previous experiences. Pike Barnett somewhat, however when they watched each other they had an immediate connection. 

That has carried to the altar. However, every couple must face the reality of spending their whole life with another person if they get married, and that means considering. 

If Barnett thinks about how they may function in the actual world, he can be tempted to say “I don’t.” Or perhaps he is determined to make it work because for as much as cash can be a concern, it should not derail a perfectly strong connection.



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